A multifaceted author, video producer, educational consultant, investigative reporter, expert witness, pet industry spokesman, lecturer & master trainer, Brian Kilcommons is supremely qualified to assume the mantle of authority on a wide range of animal issues.

In his multifaceted career spanning almost thirty years, Brian has witnessed & addressed a myriad of human/animal relationships – from the tragic to the sublime, from the dramatic to the frivolous. His knowledge, insight and, some say almost mystical empathy with animals, has enlightened pet owners & enthusiasts around the world.

Brian Kilcommons has proven to be an articulate spokesman in the fields of animal behavior & training.  His high profile, engaging on-stage presence, excellent communication skills & sheer exuberance about all things connected with pets and pet ownership are qualities eagerly sought by the corporate world in the marketing of their pet products and services.

He has also done investigative reporting features for CBS Morning News and Eyewitness News, and hosted Fox News Channel Pet News. Regional TV and radio appearances include Cleveland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, Vancouver.

Better Behavior In Dogs

In this people training event, Brian will discuss the 6 steps required to build a relationship with your dog that will achieve Better Behavior.  In Collaboration with The Litchfield Veterinary Hospital, Brian will demonstrate some basic training techniques that you can bring home and start immediately using on your pooch! Dr. Laura Carey from Litchfield Veterinary Hospital will also be fielding some of your medical questions during the seminar too!

In collaboration with The Litchfield Veterinary Hospital, it is Brian’s goal to show you what it takes to build a better relationship with your dog and answer some of your questions regarding your dog’s current behavior.

This event is located at

The Litchfield Veterinary Hospital

289 Torrington Road

Litchfield, CT 06759


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