Do you know what dog bites the most seriously, causing the most damage? Intact male dogs between the ages of one and three years old.

What dogs do more people have trouble neutering for their own emotional reasons? Male dogs!

In general, intact male dogs are for experienced trainers. They often have an intensity, drive, and focus unlike that of either neutered males or females. Assertion and aggression are a natural part of many intact male dogs, and when they react, they react big!

We understand that some people, particularly some men, don’t even want to consider this option. It cuts too close to the bone. But men need to take a deep breath and look at the facts.

You will neuter your dog if:

  • You hate that millions of dogs are killed every year because they have no homes,
  • You want your dog to be able to play safely with other dogs (some dogs will always pick on intact males).
  • You want your dog to live a long and healthy life.
  • You love your wife, children, or partner more than you love your dog’s testicles.
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When To Neuter

Here’s the deal: Neuter your dog at or before six months of age. There is a trend these days to neutering pups at three to four months. So far, only advantages have been noted: rapid healing, elimination of some cancers, lessening of other disorders. If your veterinarian offers it, consider doing it as early as he or she will.

Neutered males will still lift their leg and bark at the door, but they will be more amenable to your leadership and less dog aggressive (and less often targets of other dogs’ aggression) if neutered.

Dogs get fat and lazy if you feed them too much or don’t exercise them properly. Neutering won’t cause those problems. Our four dogs (from two to ten years old) are all neutered, and each is sleek and athletic. It is the care you give them, not the surgery, that determines your dog’s weight.

Man-Made Testicles

For those of you who really can’t stand the idea of neutering your male dog, there is an answer: fake testicles. Yes, you can now neuter and have the look of an intact male. If that makes the operation more palatable for you, please ask your veterinarian about that option.