At around sixteen weeks old, your pup will start to get permanent teeth. This will last until seven months of age, when the last teeth settle firmly into place. Let the chewing begin! During teething it is not unusual for your pup to skip the occasional meal, be a bit lethargic, or even have a slightly soft stool. His breath may stink, and his gums may bleed. Don’t be surprised if his chew toys are bloody; that happens at this age. If, at any point, you have concerns, do not hesitate to call your veterinarian.

If you have a pup whose ears have been standing up, don’t be surprised if they drop during this period. If they’ve been up, they should come back up without a problem. If they weren’t up before teething started, you may need to support them artificially for a while. Speak to your veterinarian, breeder, or anyone experienced with your breed for specific help.

Help your pup through this period with frozen rope toys, ice cubes, food that has been soaked, supervised rawhide chewing, and sterilized bones stuffed with something delicious. Be patient with him. Calmly redirect unwanted behavior to behaviors you prefer. He cannot help feeling so uncomfortable. Watch him carefully; if allowed to, he will relieve his pain by chewing on your belongings.